Nikola Jokic had a vintage performance against the New York Knicks and it stated in the the very first minute of the game. Jokic caught the ball outside of the elbow and made a quick touch pass to Mason Plumlee for the alley-oop jam. A minute later he found Plumlee for another easy dunk inside, a reverse dunk to be exact.

“When he got the ball under the basket he is going to dunk it in all kinds of weird ways,” Jokic told reporters in the locker room after the game. This after a rather hilarious phone call with Denver Nuggets equipment manager, Sparky Gonzales in which Jokic explained that Sparky had given him an aerosol deodorant that Jokic believes doubles as a spider pesticide. Or at least that’s what I think he was trying to say. With Jokic, things are often lost in translation. Perhaps it’s best that we are left wondering exactly what the strange smelling aerosol can inside his locker was used for.

If he’s a mystery off of the court, he can be even a magician on it. He dished out 10 assists, many of them of the highlight variety. He poured in 18 points on just 9 shots and pulled in 7 rebounds. Most of all, he quarterbacked an unstoppable Nuggets offense that buried the Knicks. Check out the full highlights below.