I can’t tell if Juancho Henrangomez is a fan favorite or if I just enjoy his game and personality so much that I am projecting positive feelings onto the entire Nuggets fanbase. Juancho is just loveable. He’s a nice guy, he’s always happy, he’s got a stylish sleeve on his right arm that looks like was drawn by a true artist. He’s also pretty good at basketball. In fact, in a lot of ways his game mirrors his persona. He plays smart, and unselfish, joyful, and has a lot of style.

On Thursday night, Juancho earned his second Denver Stiffs appointed gameball over on our Instagram account. Side note: go follow us on Instagram! We do cool stuff over there!

Juancho is such a good fit alongside Nikola Jokic because he’s a great cutter, he doesn’t force shots if they aren’t there, and he has an incredible ability to find offensive rebounds. In this game, he turned four offensive rebounds into eight points.

Check out the highlights.