When Jamal Murray came back from a sprained ankle three games ago, it seemed almost like he had been pushed back into action early due to the rest of the team getting injured and the team just needing a healthy body.

It turns out, not only did Murray get his ankle right, but he figured out how to turn into an absolute flamethrower on offense. In the three games he’s been back, he’s making 56 percent of his 3-point attempts, and has scored 87 points on on 52 shot attempts. Tonight he roasted the Suns, only missing three shots in the game, getting open looks all night and getting to the rim for explosive dunks.

Murray isn’t just a scorer, mixing in nice possessions on defense, while also flashing incredible vision in the pick and roll with Jokic. He had an incredible block on Ricky Rubio in the fourth quarter, ripping the ball out of his hands during a shot attempt, dribbling the entire length of the court, then busting out a nifty move to create space for a shot at the rim.

If the Nuggets are going to get production like this from Murray in their next two games to go into the All-Star break, there’s no way they’re going to lose to the Spurs or the Lakers. This would be a hot streak that would be must-see basketball.