The Nuggets improved to 4-0 on national broadcasts this season, and one of the reasons why they won last night was the ludicrous play of Nikola Jokic.

One of my favorite things about Jokic is how you can check the box score in the third quarter and have your mind blown with his stat line. It’s like, “Seriously? He’s two assists away from a triple-double?”

Jokic plays so much in the rhythm of the game, it’s easy to miss his contributions: the rebounds that he transitions into a fastbreak, the 3-pointers he walks into as the trail man, and the clean one-handed passes he whips to teammates for wide open shot attempts. He makes the game so much easier on offense for all his teammates, it’s incredible.

I’m not sure what my favorite moment was from last night – it’s between him knocking over Joffrey Lauvergne, staring at him on the ground and then making the six-foot jumper or his 70-foot touchdown heave to Wilson Chandler in the third quarter. Or maybe it was when he split the double team with a bounce pass to Gary Harris for a dunk.

Either way, watch the highlights, and enjoy Jokic.