The Denver Nuggets didn’t exactly light the world on fire with their offense on Monday night at Pepsi Center. They still managed to score 116 points and get the win over the Anthony Davis-less New Orleans Pelicans. Jamal Murray didn’t exactly play his best game, either, yet he still managed to put up 23 points and grabbed five steals.

Nuggets fans will take it. A win is a win and the Nuggets have racked up five of those in their first six games. Still, there’s this lingering feeling that the team’s identity, their high-powered, pass-happy offense, hasn’t yet arrived in the 2018-19 NBA season. Murray himself has been hot and cold throughout the year, struggling to initiate the offense against pressure and streaky with his three-point shot.

And yet, there are moments when we get a glimpse of what the team looks like when they are firing on all cylinders. Jamal Murray helped lead such a charge tonight at the end of the 2nd quarter and the start of the 3rd. For a brief moment, the ball got poppin’ and the Nuggets broke the game open.

Check out the highlights of Murray’s night and let’s all keep holding our breath for when the floodgates open and the team regains their identity on the offensive end.