After the game I asked Gary Harris if he had a name for his new go-to move of the season, a through-the-legs crossover-and-go move that he’s used a handful of times so far this season. He smiled and said not yet. Perhaps the Stiffs can help him out with that. Afterall, if Gary Harris himself doesn’t have a nickname, the least we could do is provide him with one for his sweet new signature move.

He busted that move out again tonight against the Sacramento Kings. As he caught the ball in transition, he hit Buddy Hield with the quick crossover and then strong-palmed the ball as he barrelled toward the rim. I knew he had Buddy beat as soon as he took his first step. It was just two points but it was somewhat emblematic of where Harris is right now. He’s no longer a player who takes what the defense gives him and plays safe, fundamental basketball. He’s a star. And stars impose their will on lesser players.

Tonight he scored 18 points on 12 shots in 26 minutes. He barely broke a sweat as he helped the Nuggets open up a 27-point lead in the 3rd quarter. He wasn’t needed in the 4th quarter. Check out all of Gary’s highlights below and help us come up with a name for his new move.

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