The NBA won’t kick off for a few more weeks but that hasn’t stopped one member of the Denver Nuggets from filling up the highlight reel already. With Liga Endesa (aka Liga ACB) already in swing, Nuggets prospect Vlatko Čančar is back with his ACB team Real Pablo Burgos and looking strong.

He leads the team in scoring early on and has been a major part of their rotation. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to Nuggets fans as Čančar’s summer league performance left Denver buzzing about the European prospect. Well, despite being overseas that buzz should definitely continue. With Vlatko playing regular minutes Denver fans should be treated to numerous highlights over the season. First up, this nice jam against Unicaja which Vlatko finishes with ease. As Joel Rush of Forbes Sports was quick to point out to me, this kind of move through an open lane to an easy flush is just the type of look Vlatko should get if he can make the leap to the NBA and play next to Nikola Jokic everyday. Fingers crossed!!