Emmanuel Mudiay doesn’t care what you think. Just when questions swirled around whether Mudiay was going to lose his starting job, and pessimistic fans began to whisper not too quietly the word bust, BAM! Mudiay goes off for twenty four points in the first quarter of tonight’s Denver Nuggets game versus the Boston Celtics, a game that is the fourth game of a road trip, and the second game of a back to back. Impressive doesn’t even begin to describe it. It is the top point total by any player in one quarter in this young season. Mudiay had previously been criticized for a poor start to the season, he was shooting just 27% from the field and just 20% from three point range. His ridiculous start tonight should help improve those numbers and also give him a chance at another career mark. Mudiay’s career high in points is thirty, a total he looks well set to top in the second half of the game.