The Denver Nuggets have released a short, behind-the-scenes video of their training camp and it’s the perfect video to get you even more hyped for tomorrow night’s game. In the video we can see Emmanuel Mudiay and Jamal Murray matched up against each other, Nikola Jokic throwing full-court outlet passes to Wilson Chandler, and Malik Beasley knocking down a corner three.

There’s not too much revealed in this video but here are a few things that stood out to me if we want to extrapolate opinions off of a 2-minute highlight clip without any context…

  • Mudiay finishes through contact on a drive to the basket. Finishing at the rim was probably his biggest offensive weakness so even a single clip of him taking it hard to the basket, elevating over the defense, and finishing is encouraging.
  • Murray, Will Barton, Juancho Hernangomez, Trey Lyles, and Mason Plumlee are spotted several times playing alongside each other. Not too much can or should be taken away in terms of lineups (Josh Childress is playing alongside Paul Millsap in one of the clips) but we’ve heard that four of those guys have been on the second unit so I think it’s safe to say that’s one of the lineups the team has been experimenting with in camp.
  • Lyles does a nice job of catching on a kickout and going right into a dribble-handoff. One of my questions for Lyles is will he be a ball-stopper. He has the skill to be a great system player but he had some ball-stopping tendencies at times in Utah. Nice to see him making quick plays.
  • Millsap appears to be the center in one of the clips.
  • In the clip where Mudiay drops it off for Wilson, Millsap is spotting up in the corner.
  • Faried appears with the “green” unit a couple of times.
  • Mudiay looks like he is getting after it on defense!

Here is the full clip for you to enjoy!

Day 3️⃣ and we're looking good 😎

Posted by Denver Nuggets on Thursday, September 28, 2017