George Karl on using Wilson Chandler tonight:

Karl: "Against [David] Lee we could use him. When we play small we have to go Gallo there [vs. Lee], now we can go Wilson there some. Maybe give five or 10 minutes of good defense where we don't have to double team. I think he's a smart athlete that helps us. Hopefully we'll run more and our depth will become more attack oriented, aggressive oriented. These last couple games we haven't been aggressive the whole game and we got a game tonight that I think we need to be aggressive the whole game."

Does Chandler have a medical minutes limit?

Karl: "I haven't been told that, but he's probably on my limits. I don't know how many minutes I have for him."

(Karl said that with a bit of a laugh – lots of depth for the Nuggets again.)

How has he looked in practice and how soon can he be an effective player for the Nuggets?

Karl: "Six months not playing basketball is a long time. I hope it's a couple weeks. It might take longer, it might take less, but I'm glad he's back. I know he's playing better than the first time. He didn't have that bounce that he has now. He has more confidence and his body is in a better place."

On Golden State’s two point guard lineup with Jarrett Jack and Stephen Curry.

Karl: “Jack comes in and gives them an ingredient they didn’t have last year. We like finishing that way too. I’m a big advocate of having point guards on the court. What’s funny is that I think Jack actually has the decision most of the time. Curry doesn’t have all the decisions. It’s a tough match-up. At the end of the game, who are we going to put A.I. [Andre Iguodala] on? It’s probably going to be dictated by who plays well.”