As a disclaimer, I'm a proud member and supporter of One Colorado, a local non-profit that has been working tirelessly for the rights of same sex couples here in Colorado. Having known those who run this great organization for a while, I'm not sure they've had a better week that this.

First, the Colorado state senate just passed a bill allowing for civil unions in Colorado. With Democratic leadership now controlling the state legislature (and a Democratic governor in John Hickenlooper), it appears as though the bill will get signed by the governor this spring moving this historic legislation forward into state law.

And secondly – and importantly for Nuggets fans – Nuggets starting power forward Kenneth Faried is coming out in support of the legislation. Which shouldn’t be surprising to anyone who knows Faried’s back story – notably that he has “two moms.”

In reaction to Faried's statement – videotaped below courtesy of our friends at One Colorado – my colleague Jeff Morton wrote the following:

The step that Kenneth Faried took in advocating legal Civil Unions in the state of Colorado was a big step for the cause of equal rights. More than that, however, it is an important step for athletes and the NBA in general to have a player step out so far in front of an issue. It means the world to me as someone who has fought and spoken out for years on this issue for myself, to have an athlete and good-hearted person such as Faried be an advocate. Thank you, Manimal!

Regardless of where you come down on this issue, I ask kindly that you take three minutes to watch the video below. Faried's story isn't one about questioning a lifestyle that may appear unorthodox to some, but rather a story of a loving, nurturing family.

A family that I don't find unorthodox whatsoever.