Juancho Hernangomez is loved by just about everyone. Coaches rave about his performance in practice and scrimmages. Scouts and front office personal rave about his upside. Even teammates say that the Spanish rookie is legit, often shouting him out unprovoked.

Just look at his trajectory so far over the last six months. When he was drafted, most people thought that he’d spend another year in Europe before joining the NBA. Then he dominated the offensive glass in Summer League and was one of the most impressive players throughout the entire week of games. He got the nod to join the team right away but wasn’t expected to play much. Next thing you know, he’s getting real minutes in non-garbage time lineups.

Tonight, he had something of a breakout performance, hitting four three-pointers and scoring a career-high, 14 points. The performance earned him his own highlight reel. Check it out below.