Earlier this week the Denver Nuggets selected University Kentucky sharp-shooter and dynamic scorer, Jamal Murray with their 7th overall pick in the NBA Draft. The pick has Nuggets fans around the world dying to see the two share the back corut together, imagining all of the ways the two players might balance each other on the offensive end. Mudiay’s has size and strength at the point guard position and has shown flashes of incredible vision when he drives to the basket. As a freshman in college, Murray had a phenomenal shooting stroke and was a threat to score big on any given night. It’s not hyperbole t think the two, along with third-year shooting guard Gary Harris, might soon be part of the best back court in the league.

But Murray and Mudiay actually shared the court once before, in the Nike Hoops summit in 2014. Nikola Jokic also joined them on that team, giving a tiny glimpse of what would come two years later. Below is the full game.

Mudiay scored 20 points on 18 shots to lead all scorers. Murray added 10 points on 8 shots and Jokic added 5 points in 16 minutes of play. The back court duo also combined for 5 steals and 8 assists.

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It’s possible that the duo will pair up as soon as two weeks from today at the Las Vegas Summer League. Malone has said that he hopes Mudiay will play at least a few games in Vegas and Murray will almost certainly join the Nuggets to get some NBA-level experience. For now, however, enjoy the video above and try to contain your excitement until they’re both in blue and gold.

h/t to r/denvernuggets for the lead.