Denver Nuggets head coach Michael Malone joined the Vertical’s Adrian Wojnarowski this week to discuss the Denver Nuggets youth movement, the Dwyane Wade meeting, and his conversations with Gary Harris over the summer.

On getting a meeting with Wade:

"It speaks to Josh Kroenke and Tim Connelly, the fact that they are wiling to do whatever it takes to bring the best players to Denver and try to make this thing truly a championship type team."

On Wade's approach:

"He had done his homework. He had just gone on vacation with players that I had coached and have good relationships with and he was really prepared."

On Nikola Jokic:

"As the season went on, (Jokic) got better and better. The one game that stands out, against San Antonio, against a hall of fame front line, he goes out and gets 26 points, 13 rebounds. He is a play-maker, having a great summer. He was voted MVP of their qualifying tournament in Serbia. Now he's going to go to Rio. He can do everything. He can score from the perimeter, with his back to the basket, he's a great play-maker, he makes everybody around him better. He has a very high IQ."

Malone goes on to talk about the changing of the guard in the western conference, the mixture of veterans and youth on the Nuggets roster, Jamal Murray as a point guard and shooting guard, and much more. Check it out HERE.