Tyler Lydon spoke at length with the media today about this upcoming season and his role on the team, as well as his recovery from arthroscopic surgery on his knee.

Some key quotes/notes from his interview:

On how his knee is feeling:

“It’s night and day [from summer league to now]. Summer league my knee was still a little stiff, I didn’t have all the strength back. Now, it feels great, it feels better than before the surgery, better than last year. Confidence wise, it feels great to have my knee back to where it was before, if not better.”

On his role on the team for this season, including the potential to see more time in the G-league:

“I want to do whatever I can to help the team win. If that means going down to development more, if that’s what they want, obviously that’s what I’ll do. If they can use me up here, and I get to spend some time up here, that would be great.”

On what he needs to do to get increased minutes and if he feels comfortable playing both the small forward and power forward positions:

Lydon noted that in order to have the most immediate impact on the team, he knows shooting will be the way to do that. He stated that there will be time to focus on all of the details to becoming a better player, but he knows shooting will help him see minutes and will help the team right away. Furthermore, Lydon states that he’s comfortable playing both the power and the small forward.

On the team’s Spikeball work-outs and Jokic’s skill level at Spikeball:

“He’s mediocre. He’s going to say he’s the greatest, he’s mediocre. Don’t let him fool you.”

There’s plenty more in the audio below, so check both sets of audio out. It sounds like Lydon is healthy and ready to prove himself in the upcoming season.

And the second one: