Nuggets erstwhile point guard Ty Lawson posted a picture on his Instagram (since deleted) about he and his daughter going somewhere. Looks like they are on a plane.


Pretty innocuous to say the least. Ty had previously posted a video of former head coach Brian Shaw rapping in the locker room, which could be both perceived as a sweet tribute to his former coach … or something else. Nothing remarkable in the leas…. oh wait. You can comment on these Instagrams …check out the bottom of this picture


Oh …. oh my. That’s about as clear an indication as you can get from someone that a relationship is on the rocks. Besides this Zacharyryanbaxter fellow seeming to want Ty for his defense … responding to a comment like this raises many questions about the future of the Nuggets point guard. Is he THIS unhappy? His play down the stretch was wholly uninspiring and may have been an indication of his mood.

One thing is for sure, this can’t help things.