Someone, somewhere, likely in Houston … maybe Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey need to sit down with their new point guard Ty Lawson and tell him to get with a PR firm, or at the very least resist the urge to stop replying to people in a public forum. Ty’s urge to reply to critical comments has once again come back to haunt him as this time he took a direct swipe at Tim Connelly and Josh Kroenke in his latest Instagram reply. Screencap below

Ty Lawson gaffe

What are you doing Ty?

Credit to Harrison Wind of BSN Denver. Where I first saw this post from Ty

The unfortunate thing is that this follows Ty’s multiple DUI arrests and social media gaffes dating back to pre draft comment response on Instagram to a Dallas Mavericks fan saying “I wish” when asked to come to Dallas. It makes one wonder if Ty had better social media advice if things wouldn’t be as bad as they are right now between he and Nuggets fans? You never know … but add this to Ty’s proclamation that he was talking to James Harden pre-trade hoping he would go to the Rockets, it seems likely that Ty is trying to blow up a bridge.

Lets be clear though. Ty takes a direct and personal swipe and Tim Connelly and Nuggets President/Governor Josh Kroenke two people who bent over backward to give Ty chance after chance after he was on a race toward self sabotage and destruction. Its extremely sad to watch and one hopes that Ty can at the very least find that filter that keeps him out of trouble. Trashing an entire organization, and calling out the owner and general manager is not something that is going to gain you a great reputation throughout the league. The Nuggets haven't made it personal with Ty, but Ty seems to want to make it personal with them.

Someone in Houston needs to make him understand that this isn't the way to resolve your issues with your former team. Time to let it go Ty. Don't point a finger, lest you get two fingers pointing right back at you.