The Denver Nuggets made a big splash in free agency by adding power forward, Paul Millsap. This is arguably the biggest free agency signing since Kenyon Martin back in 2004. Millsap is a four-time NBA all-star and one of the most well-rounded forwards in the NBA. He is an excellent defender in the post and on the pick-and-roll, he has a great mid-range shot and can even extend it to the three point line. He is a great passer for his position, averaging 3.7 assists per game last season to go along with 18.1 points per game.

Nuggets fans reacted with excitement, joy, and some much needed relief after over 24 hours for news to drop. Here are some of the best from around the web.

From the team

Okay he’s not on the team but still, this from Jared Dudley was great.

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From the media

“Denver is going to be so fun.” ESPN’s Zach Lowe

“Millsap is an off-ball natural who contributes constantly without demanding touches. His off-ball screens occupy defenders on the weak side of the floor. His cuts come just after an opponent has diverted their attention, a dangerous weapon in Jokic’s orbit. Denver is positioning itself as a smart, balanced, read-and-react team. The chain reaction cutting and passing from Jokic to Millsap to players like Gary Harris and Wilson Chandler and Jamal Murray should prove impossible to predict and challenging to stop.”’s Rob Mahoney

“Millsap is, on every level, a player Denver needs…Millsap helps with rebounding, is great defensively, and he's a savvy player who can operate without the ball. Denver's offense is built on constant ball movement, and with Millsap, the Nuggets add a great scorer who also can deliver pinpoint passes. His court awareness is among the best in the league, and in an 11-year career he has never played fewer than than 64 games for a season.”

“The Nuggets have needed a leader among their best players, and Millsap provides that. He's a total pro who knows how to do his job and has played for winners in Utah and Atlanta.”’s Matt Moore

“They even got some help from Millsap's old 4th grade teacher from Montbello. Millsap lived in Denver as a kid. Big time Broncos fan.” Altitude TV’s Vic Lombardi

“Team option on the 3rd year for Millsap makes this an EFFING STEAL” Fear the Sword’s Carter Rodriguez

“Give me all the Jamal Murray fantasy shares, btw. Coldest take of the day: Nikola Jokic is going to be awesome next to Millsap.” NBC Sports’ Michael Gallagher

“I'm happy for @denverstiffs and all the Nuggets fans. Millsap is a guy every coach in any era of ball would want to have on squad. evolves. Sap came in as an energy guy, and every year he added something new to his game. He's so well rounded, talented, and durable. A gamer.” @AllthatAmar of

The fans

This thread of reaction gifs is also worth the time it takes to scroll through. Feel the excitement!