Jonathan Givony of Draft Express and The Vertical is expressing that several teams may have interest in moving into the late lottery and the Denver Nuggets could be the team to keep an eye on when it comes to who would be willing to move out.

Givony is correct in that the Nuggets have been active on draft night in the past. While last year was largely uneventful in terms of moves for the Nuggets, in 2014 they packaged the #11 pick to pick up the #16 and #19 picks where they selected Jusuf Nurkic and Gary Harris respectively. It seems unlikely, given the Nuggets ample depth and youth, that they would be interested in a similar 2 for 1 pick swap but there are many who believe the Nuggets could be looking to trade down, including some of the staff right here at the Stiffs.

With this draft being particularly deep in the middle, the line of thought is that Denver could pick up a player in the late teens to twenties range that is every bit as talented as a player they can get at 13. Additionally, after a shortage of rotation minutes for deserving players caused some unrest last season, it’s fairly reasonable to believe the Nuggets are motivated to part with at least one of their veterans. A trade back could be a mechanism for Denver to do that where they receive future draft picks as compensation. One thing is for sure, the trade chatter around Denver this Draft is pretty loud, we’re just a few hours away from finding out if its anything more than that.