As Denver looks to make a move to keep up with the New Orleans Pelicans and their newly-added star DeMarcus Cousins (as well as simply to upgrade its own lineup for the future), more rumors are dropping about teams checking in on Denver’s trade assets. Wilson Chandler’s name has come up in other February trade rumors already, with the Clippers and Thunder both being suggested. Now the Houston Rockets can apparently be added to that pile of interested teams.

Hoopshype expanded on that idea here, stating:

Calvin Watkins of adds that he got a one-word answer when he asked someone with the Rockets if Chandler would be a fit: “Yes.”

Keep in mind, Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni has coached Chandler before in New York and is very familiar with him and how his skillset would fit in with Houston. So what would a trade of Wilson Chandler to the Rockets be likely to net for the Nuggets? Our own Ryan Blackburn is naturally out there spitballing ideas:

The problem with any Houston trade is that they don’t have a lot of consolidation assets for Denver, so the Nuggets would be moving a veteran for more young players and a draft pick. The Nuggets aren’t taking just Brewer and a very-late first rounder for Chandler (although I suppose it’s possible they might for Danilo Gallinari) so some other pieces would have to be involved.

That’s the problem with most of these proposed teams. Of course the Clippers, the Thunder and the Rockets would like to add Wilson Chandler; he’d be great for any of those teams. What are they giving to the Nuggets that is better than actually keeping Wilson Chandler for themselves?

We’ll find out soon whether any of the suitors for Chandler’s services can actually come up with a valid answer.

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Posted by Denver Stiffs on 12hb Januari 2017