The worst part about getting tangled up in the interwebzzzz is not being able to avoid the eventual rabbit hole trip on YouTube. You follow a link to a highlight, see another video in the column to the right of the main video, and before you know it you're watching Sia's Elastic Heart music video for the ninth time, and trying to figure out how much money Shia LeBeouf made for his role. And you're also trying to figure out the entire point of the interpretive dance of two people playing the same person (Sia), yet you can't stop watching it and feeling your heart strings get pulled in a million different directions.

Point is Sia can make a catchy song. The other point is: We have some Nuggets stories for you to check out …

1.) If you've been following Will Barton on Twitter, you know he's been doing some great stuff for his community in Baltimore. Check this out from Barton. I'm not sure if the Nuggets will re-sign Barton, he has some backers in the Nuggets' front office, but they should bring him back. Finding guys that can play, and who also give back to the community is one of the best traits an athlete can have. Bring back Barton for his play, and you'll gain an asset in the person, as well.

2.) Christopher "Don't Call Me Chris" Dempsey is getting all fancy with his new Twitter-mailbag. He goes through questions on Rudy Gobert, if Melvin Hunt would stick around as an assistant coach again (if he's not hired), and more. Dempsey even let's us in on his favorite videogame of all time … click here.

3.) Court Zierk of has a piece up on five free agents, that are still in the playoffs, that he'd like to see the Nuggets chase this offseason. We can't spoil them all, but here is one (read the entire column here):

2. Khris Middleton – Restricted

Middleton has made himself quite a bit of money with his performance over the latter half of the season and in the playoffs. He is no longer capable of being acquired at a bargain-bin price tag, but he may be the best shooter available on the market, and the Nuggets should place a high premium on that skill-set moving into the offseason. He would immediately spread the floor, further opening up their inside-out game.

4.) Andrew Johnson from Nylon Calculus has an excellent piece up on projecting the 2014 NBA draft class. You have to pay attention to the model he built, but there is a top 10 Nuggets player, a middle of the road Nuggets player, and a bottom 10 Nugget. For some reason, Johnson included Jusuf Nurkic, Joffrey Lauvergne, and Gary Harris, but left Erick Green off the tables.

5.) Charlie Yao has his list of five things to watch for this offseason with the Nuggets up. Again we can't spoil them all, but here is a sample of what Yao is cooking up at RMC:

Nikola Jokic

Keep an eye on this 20-year old 7-footer who just won the Adriatic League MVP last season.

Connelly unearthed the young Serbian with the 41st pick in last years draft and the kid showed tremendous growth in his last year overseas. He's ready for bigger and better competition, and it's hard to find a reason why the rebuilding Nuggets shouldn't bring him over sooner rather than later.

Jokic could displace other young bigs like Lauvergne and Nurkic as they fight for development, but this would be a long-term risk worth taking. Jokic is a sweet-shooting big who would be one of the best two or three Euros in THIS draft, had he waited to come out.

If you found any nugget-ety Nuggets news this week, post a link below and let the read fest begin! Read fest!