Another day, another dollar. We are already in April of 2015 – is this year flying for anyone else? Let's take a look at what has been going on around the NBA this week, and see if anything is centering on the Nuggets.

1.) With Scott Brooks getting fired in Oklahoma City, Nuggets fans got all antsy as Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski Tweeted that Brooks was on Denver's radar. Chris Dempsey weighs in on Brooks here.

2.) Keeping in line with Brooks, Zach Lowe of Grantland had a fantastic piece up outlining the good and bad of Brooks. Definitely worth a read to get a fuller picture of who the former George Karl assistant is as the top dog.

3.) Recently, the Nuggets have gone to Las Vegas Summer League with a lot of questionable players. It seemed like the team had to scramble, as the Vegas dates approached, to find guys to put on their roster. This led to really sloppy play, and a lot of college "tweeners" looking like garbage while representing the Nuggets. This season, it appears the team will be made up of mostly … actual Nuggets! This is good news for anyone watching or traveling to see the team in Sin City.

4.) Cody Russell of RMC took the time to put together Final Grades for the Nuggets' season. Pretty interesting look at how that staff felt about the team this season.

5.) Wesley Share of Liberty Ballers put together an outstanding look at Mario Hezonja of FC Barcelona (that’s who he plays for, he’s actually Croatian). Some great video and analysis. I feel safe saying this is Jeff Morton’s boy come draft night for the Nuggets and he may wind up being the guy I endorse, too.

There you have it, happy reading.