Here you go. Three easy ways to coping with the Nuggets awful season.

1. Comb through your record collection. Select Peter Gabriel's Us album track Washing of the Water. Begin writing melancholy letters that never get sent

This is a sure way to immerse yourself in your feelings of loss and regret. Nothing better than Peter Gabriel and the album he wrote about coping with divorce. Also, I find that writing your thoughts out in a constructive manner helps cope with grief. I find, also, that writing angrily with multi-colored crayons adds a bit of whimsy to your activity. That will help with them blues.

2. Begin eating vast quantities of macaroni and cheese, essentially forcing yourself to diet and exercise in the summer and have a "whole new you" by the time next season rolls around

The ultimate bad/good scenario. They tell us to not eat the pain away, well I say BAH! FLIMSHAW! Eat all that mac and cheese you want because you know what, in the summer you are going to kick ass and lose all that weight. Remember that gym membership you've been paying in to since your New Years resolution in January? You can put that to good use as you burn away those mac and cheese calories! Win/Win!

3. Endlessly watch the 1994 Nuggets vs Sonics series, and highlights of the 2009 Western Conference Finals run and weep uncontrollably until you give yourself a headache

You know how you do. Watch videos of "the better days" and, between the tears, hope for a new day dawning. As you sit in your darkened room and turn on youtube, Remember that everything goes in a cycle and once again the Denver Nuggets will be a good team. Don't bother yourself about when, just remember that the law of averages dictate that good stuff must happen again. Faith. Also the crying helps. Seriously. Just let it all out. I prefer the wailing and gnashing of teeth approach. That 2009 run was fun though wasn't it?

Better days!