Nike has taken over the design of the NBA’s jerseys this year and so far, they’ve had some hits and some misses. Several teams, including the Denver Nuggets, have seen a fairly substantial departure in their home and away jerseys, which are actually being called their “Association” and “Icon” jerseys. Denver has also revealed their first of two alternate jerseys, a very bright yellow skyline jersey that Nike is calling the “Statement” jersey.

The fourth and final jersey will be called the “City” jersey and is supposed to pay homage to the city of Denver in some way. Today, a few of Nike’s designs have leaked online and, well, they are interesting. While the Statement jerseys have had some bold choices, what we’re seeing from the City jersey is quite the departure from the other designs and color scheme. Take for example this Utah Jazz jersey, which looks equal parts like the 1980s Houston Astros jerseys and a Orange paint swatch from Home Depot.

Only a handful have been leaked and some, like the Detroit Pistons jersey, isn’t too different from the rest of their lineup. But others, like the Miami Heat’s Aqua and Pink mashup is very loud and unique.

Denver’s hasn’t leaked yet but based on what we are seeing so far, anything is possible. It’s even possible that Denver goes away from the Blue, Gold, and White combo that makes up the rest of their collection. Good or bad, it’s safe to say that it’ll be interesting.

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H/T to Conrad Burry