Just as I was completing my second Blue Moon at the Second Annual Stiffs Night Out, I glanced at the TV screen to see JR Smith steal the ball from a Dallas Mavericks post player for what seemed like the 12th time (remember…I was drinking) and I knew that this team was going to win.


First off, thanks to the good people at Jake's Food and Spirits, as well as Nate Timmons and Andrew Feinstein for throwing such a great event this evening. It was great fun, and you will hear more about it from Andy in the days to come.

Now to the game.

You ever have a funny feeling about a game? Like you just KNOW the Denver Nuggets are going to win? Tonight was one of those instances for me. As the first half unfolded my confidence grew. The team was distributing the ball well, playing great defense, and generally playing the most cohesive game I’ve seen in quite some time.

Nuggets stars:

Carmelo Anthony is proving his value again. He had 15 points in the third quarter to help the Nuggets erase a six point deficit. He also went three for three on triples in the quarter. Melo ended up with a stat line of 27 points, 5 rebounds and some very pretty passes resulting in 4 assists. He also contributed to a great team defensive night with 4 steals.

J.R. Smith, or should I say J.R. SWISH making his first appearance in the “star” part of the ledger contributed 11 points and some fantastic defense in the fourth quarter. Just stellar all around. J.R. had 5 steals, and bothered the crap out of the Mav’s big guys with his quick hands. GAH!! If only J.R. would play like this every game.

Chauncey Billips had some great slashing drives to the basket and a very timely three toward the end of the game to seal the victory for the Nuggets. Ty Lawson distributed the ball well and provided much needed energy to a team that you know had to be dead tired. Big Al Harrington had another in a string of great outings with 14 points and 8 rebounds. Both he and Shelden Williams are Mark Warkentein’s parting gift to the Denver Nuggets and it’s paying off so far.

Nuggets of wisdom

This is the second win in the second night of a back to back already this season. It’s great to see this team playing fantastic TEAM defense. Dirk Nowitzki did not score a single point in the fourth quarter and was held to 23 points all evening, that is a tribute to the efforts of coach George Karl and the entire team. It’s wins like these that give me hope for this season. Forget the Melo stuff and just think of what this team is doing so far this season. Did anyone at the beginning of this season think the Nuggets would win on the road in Houston AND Dallas? As much of an optimist as I am…I quite frankly thought they would start rolling later this month. How wrong I was.

Short recap tonight everyone. My apologies. Again thank you to everyone who came to Stiffs Night Out and didn't laugh at how short I am. HAHA! It was a great time.

Go Nuggets!!