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Flip to Murray vs. Manimal Dropoff

Over at Denver Stiffs, we joke that Nikola Jokic is the best quarterback in Denver. On plays like this one, that idea doesn’t seem like such a stretch. Jokic leads Jamal Murray like a QB throwing a fade route to the back of the end zone. His release on the pass comes right as Murray turns the corner on the cut and the ball hangs in limbo just long enough for Murray to run under. Bonus points for our old friend Kostas Koufos making an appearance.

The Manimal Dropoff play follows a similar style as the flip to Murray but it’s 10 times more casual. Jokic tosses the pass like he’s playing hot potato. Bonus points for Chris Marlowe using “hippity hop” as a description.

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One Handed Oop vs. No Look, Side Spin

Just keep an eye on Mike Miller when Kenneth Faried catches the lob and throws it down. Find you somebody who loves you as much as Miller loves Jokic.

The spin pass is among Jokic’s most underrated highlights from one of Jokic’s most underrated games. Three different highlights in this bracket come from this game against the Timberwolves. Here, Jokic runs the break, gets that pep in his step where you know something cool is about to happen, and then delivers a nice spinning bounce pass that curves around the defense and lands right in stride for Gary Harris to get the and-1.

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GSW Coast to Coast vs. Pass Fake Trickery

Jokic has been a Warrior killer in his four seasons in the NBA. In this clip, Jokic gets out on the fast break, side steps DPOY candidate Draymond Green, and surprises everyone with a coast to coast SLAM DUNK layup. Bonus points for Scott Hastings calling him the “son of Flubber” and even more bonus points for one of my favorite things about Jokic: when opposing play by play guys fall in love with his game.

In the pass fake clip, watch how hard the entire defense bites on Jokic’s pass fake to the wing. There are some assists that share credit for creating points and some assists that were created solely off of the brilliance of the passer. This one was the latter.

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Casual Flip Pass vs. Behind the Back Beas

The flip pass gets docked for only being in the preseason but this is Jokic at his most casual. Basketball is too easy for Jokic sometimes.

The behind the back outlet pass is also casual. Jokic starts the play by helping create the steal and then just flips the pass to Malik Beasley for the highlight dunk. Bonus points for Torrey Craig taking one for the team and getting completely obliterated.

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