The Stiff List is back! Each week we run through a list of people who, in general, haven't been cutting the mustard. As you’ll find out we’re tough but fair. This week includes more than one member of the Nuggets organization, but it also includes the Stiffs.

Tim Duncan

So Tim Duncan’s retirement appears to have lasted all of a couple months. Duncan of course hasn't actually announced he’s not retiring but as the San Antonio Spurs kicked off camp, Duncan was quick to be found in the facility and working out with the team. Maybe Tim didn't quite understand the concept of retirement, maybe he’s got a mad basketball addiction and needs help. At any rate, try to take at least a week or two off before coming around the team that's trying to move on without you.

Kenneth Faried and Jusuf Nurkic

One would think that on media day, the players would, you know, maybe talk to the media? Nurkic and Faried didn't see it that way though. The Nuggets social media accounts provided ample evidence that Faried and Nurkic were at media day but they didn't have time to talk to us. Maybe they were really busy, maybe they hate my face, maybe they saw Jeff Morton shooting jumpers…we’ll never know but if you skip out on the media portion of media day, you get put on the Stiff List.

Zach Mikash

I’m nothing if I'm not fair, so if Faried and Nurkic’s poor showing at media day gets them on the Stiff List so should mine. It was my first media day and the first time Denver Stiffs was using Facebook Live to create content. Stupid me headed off to media day thinking a 79% charge on my phone was plenty. Turns out Facebook Live is a bit of a power hog and sure enough, mid live stream of the Michael Malone, Josh Kroenke and Tim Connelly press conference my phone dies and you the readers miss out on the second half. I let you down Stiffs nation and I'm sorry.

Adam Mares

At least I can't say that I tried to destroy a family with my post game at media day but that's exactly what Mares did. You see, our good friend Matt Moore from CBS sports was minding his own business when Adam ruthlessly goaded him into a 1 on 1 post battle and then proceeded to play a rough if not borderline dirty game. The result? Injury to Matt and apparently inability to hold his child.

What life long lasting psychological damage will this cause Matt’s kid? Only time will tell but that's a weight Adam has to carry for the rest of his life (disclaimer: this story may be slightly embellished…slightly).

Altitude TV

Alright Altitude, what's the deal with not broadcasting pre-season games? Does previewing a golf course in Copper or broadcasting a 3A high school football game really draw better ratings than pre-season basketball? Don’t care. For one, surely Nuggets preseason is worth a slot on Altitude 2 and even if it's not then you could stream the thing online because guess what? Illegal online streams is where you're forcing us to go to watch the preseason anyways! Grainy streams that buffer and are littered with pop up ads and computer viruses? (Bart Scott voice) Can’t wait!