Bill Belichick for his comments on Wes Welker’s block. The Patriots coach was all business in his post-game press conference, but Bill wasn’t quite so gracious during his season-ending presser back at Gillette Stadium. He said of Welker’s block, “…it’s one of the worst plays I’ve seen.” And Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald said of the block, “Welker went low on Talib to block him…” Did Welker go low? You decide – watch the video right here. Belichick may not have had the time to review the hit before his post-game presser, but it sounds like a whole bunch of sour grapes from New England’s coach.

The Denver Nuggets defense: Since holding the Orlando Magic to 94 points, the Nuggets have surrendered 118 points, 116, 117, and 117 in their last four games. Those are pretty average nights for the old ABA Nuggets or the Paul Westhead lead Nuggets that surrendered 130 points per game back in the 1990-91 season, but that won’t cut it under Brian Shaw. It’s time for the Nuggets’ players to take a look in the mirror and make a change. Is the end of the previous sentence a mash-up of a couple Michael Jackson songs? Maybe it is.

The Milwaukee Bucks. They of the nine game losing streak. The Bucks are inspiring their bloggers to come up with titles saying, “A beatdown from start to finish“. The 7-33 Bucks might be setting themselves up for a nice draft pick, but if the team stays too bad they might also be setting up to become the Seattle ________. Name the Bucks’ starting five, I dare ya!

My buddy Hunter. This one doesn’t have anything to do with sports, unless you consider watching movies to be a sport. Hunter called the movie The Wolf of Wall Street and I quote “awful” and “not worth the money”. I was jazzed up to see this movie from the first trailer I saw and you know what? I saw it anyway and I loved it. As always, don’t trust other people’s movie opinions … especially my buddy Hunter or the Stiffs’ very own Jeff Morton. But I guess in saying you shouldn’t trust anyone’s movie opinion … then you can’t trust mine either. Good luck out there people.

The Mavericks, Pistons, Heat, 76ers, and Suns aka the five teams the Knicks recently defeated during their five game win streak. Hello?! Don’t you teams know the Nuggets can collect the Knicks’ first round pick in the off-season?! Thankfully the Clippers got the Knicks back on the right losing track and the Brooklyn Nets are getting a chance to help the Knicks extend their losing ways today (it’s 84-63 Nets as I type!).