Chris Hansen for funding an anti-arena campaign in Sacramento after his bid to move the team to Seattle failed. Hansen’s giving $80,000 to fund this movement is akin to a child not being able to have a toy and then breaking it so nobody else can have it. For shame.

Phoenix Suns redesigned uniforms. Not only did the Suns go with the atrocious sleeved jerseys for their orange alternates – are we in the NBA or a pick-up game at the gym? – but they took all the style out of their uniforms to match the new boring logo, introduced on their court last season. New uniforms are very hit or miss and these missed with me – check out the video here. Eric Bledsoe’s face says it all …

ESPN and Renaud L. Notaro from Mile High Sports for their lowly Nuggets predictions. ESPN’s Summer Forecast has the Nuggets pegged for a 43-39 record and a 7th place finish out West, not too bad – but still a 14 game drop from last year. Notaro penciled Denver in for 38 wins (38-44) and that would likely leave them out of the playoffs out West – a 19 game drop-off. Ouch! Looks like the Nuggets will be in a familiar place come late October, looking to prove doubters wrong.

Monta Ellis. It was not out of place for Ellis to rip the Milwaukee Bucks after he signed with the Dallas Mavericks, he did the same in talking about Golden State when he was traded to the Bucks. But it was a little concerning to hear Ellis say the words, “better teammates” when listing reasons he was glad to be in Dallas. Larry Sanders will keep that in mind when he’s patrolling the paint against the Mavs next year. That kind of stuff always reminds me of Willie Beamen vs. Luther Shark Lavay in Any Given Sunday, “Respect will be paid.” (at the 2:30 mark here and in Spanish!).

LeBron James using a police escort to maneuver around traffic to attend a Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake concert. King James can’t wait in a traffic jam like the rest of us?!? Hopefully he, at least, did something nice for the officers in abusing his power of celebrity. And no, a Tweet about being treated well does not count.

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