We are LONG overdue for a STIFF LIST, so here's the pre-NBA Finals version …

Brooklyn Nets
The Nets went all in by trading for superstar point guard Deron Williams a few years ago. But their wheeling and dealing cost them the 6th overall pick in this year’s NBA draft, the 3rd overall pick in last year’s draft and now might cost them Williams’ re-signing. Sending Irina Pavlova to the draft lottery can’t distract Nets fans away from their myriad of issues right now.

Charlotte Bobcats
What’s worse than setting an NBA record for the worst season (by win percentage) ever? Not even getting the first overall pick in an NBA Draft where’s the only one consensus first overall pick … Anthony Davis.

The Big Three
Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen could have made three NBA Finals appearances in five years. Instead, by choking away Game 6 at Boston their memorable run ended in a Game 7 at Miami, relegating these great players to spectators for the NBA Finals and an imminent breakup as Garnett and Allen are unrestricted free agents.

Thomas Menino
The Boston mayor, already famous for flubbing sports’ figures names, recently referred to Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo as “KJ and Hondo.”

Wally Szczerbiak
This former also-ran NBA player had the gall to call out his former Timberwolves teammate KG for his sub-par Game 2 performance against the Heat. Garnett played admirably for the remainder of the series (as he did for much of the season) and made Wally World eat his stupid words.