The Pickaxe is back! This time as an official part of Nothin But Net Radio and the Dash Radio Network. Give em a follow on Twitter @NBNDashRadio. This week Zach, Ashley and Gordon are getting into a gripe session about Scotty Brooks, the ailing Denver Nuggets offense and the lack of solid point guard play. Next they cover the Eric Bledsoe trade rumors and say what price they would pay to get him. Finally they’ll give predictions for the Nuggets game against the Brooklyn Nets.

Let’s get the venting out of the way

  • How bush league was Scotty Brooks?
  • What the heck is going on with the offense?
  • Can the Nuggets really expect to compete at a high level with Murray/Mudiay?


Eric Bledsoe Rumors

  • How much is too much for Bledsoe?
  • Bledsoe, Jokic, Millsap, Chandler, that’s a whole lot of guys who need the offense designed around them to maximize their talents
  • If it meant giving up a Jamal Murray or a Gary Harris, would you do it?

Previewing the Nets

  • Quick predictions on who will win


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