One of the reasons that I launched this new Denver Stiffs podcast in the summer, at the end of the Nuggets season and when traffic is generally slowest is because I there would be kinks to work out in the format and production of the show. This episode is exhibit A in the trials and tribulations of a new podcast as I was joined by the Big Stiff, Andrew Feinstein, and had what I considered a PHENOMENAL discussion on the NBA Finals, the 2015-16 NBA season, Lebron’s legacy, and of course, our beloved Denver Nuggets.

Sadly, I accidentally unplugged the power source to the equipment about 30 minutes into our discussion and, like the library of Alexandria (sick reference), those 30 minutes are completely lost.

I contemplated throwing this episode out entirely and taking an L but really enjoyed the 18 minutes that survived. So here is a quick listen with some fun stuff including Mike Olson's awesome new podcast intro and outro and the following topics: