The Pickaxe Podcast is a brand new podcast presented by and hosted by Adam Mares. In this week's episode, Adam invites Gibson Pyper on. Gibson is best known around here as the creator of "Set of the Week," a weekly article series in which he breaks down the X's and O's of Denver's most popular offensive sets. He also runs the very popular twitter account and youtube channel, @HalfCourtHoops.

Twitter: @HalfCourtHoops

Youtube: Half Court Hoops

Website: The Basketball Playbook

Coach Pyper is a great resource and encyclopedia of basketball knowledge and has a lot of interesting insights into the development of head coach Michael Malone, rookies Emmanuel Mudiay and Nikola Jokic, as well as some VERY surprising thoughts about players in this year’s NBA draft. As a Cleveland native, he also is a long-time Cleveland Cavaliers fan and had shared some thoughts about the NBA playoffs and Cleveland’s chances of breaking a long championship drought.

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3:00 – Thoughts on Michael Malone

8:00 – Thoughts on Mudiay and an under appreciated part of his game

14:00 – Thoughts on Jokic

17:30 – Gibson’s favorite Nuggets player, Gary Harris

20:00 – How Nurkic can become a more effective offensive presence

25:00 – Ranking the Nuggets potential against the Wolves, Magic, Suns, Lakers, and other up-and-coming teams.

28:00 – The NBA draft and Gibson's surprise favorite player in this draft

36:00 – If the Cavs lose, should Cleveland part ways with Kevin Love?

41:00 – The Cavs chances in the playoffs and NBA finals.

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