In this week’s episode of The Pickaxe Podcast, I am joined by Jordan White, a very talented writer who always brings a unique voice and perspective to his writing. He has covered the NBA for Hardwood Paroxysm, Dime Magazine, Vice Sports, Uproxx, and The Player’s Tribune. Jordan recently worked on the Nikola Jokic project, helping Jokic create his article in The Player’s Tribune and got to spend the day with Nikola and his brothers. Follow him on twitter and if you haven’t already, check out Jokic’s article below.

I really enjoyed this episode a lot. No sound issues and a very fun and interesting conversation about a wide variety of topics. Thanks for listening, and PLEASE SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES. Subscribing helps you to never miss an episode but it also helps grow the show's popularity.

In this episode:

1:00 – The Nikola Jokic Player's Tribune article and spending time with Jokic and his brothers

9:30 – Basketball in Serbia

12:00 – Other Nuggets that would make good Player’s Tribune authors

14:30 – Best guys to interview in the NBA

21:00 – The Royals winning the championship and similarities between the Royals and Nuggets

26:30 – Impressions of the city of Denver from a transplant's perspective

33:30 – Ranking the Lottery teams by Karma and by which team "deserves" the #1 pick the most

Thanks for listening!

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