In this week’s episode of The Pickaxe Podcast, I am joined by Greg Wissinger, associate editor of Sactown Royalty, the SB Nation Sacramento Kings blog. We discussed the many ways in which the Kings and Nuggets have been on similar trajectories and have criss-crossing paths over the last three seasons. We also discussed a few of the ways that the Nuggets and Kings are very different. Namely, the two contrasting styles of the teams’ owners, the GM with ties to the history of the organization, and the way the fanbases love/hate George Karl.

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In this episode:

2:30 – What Vlade means to the Kings and how his stint as a GM is received by Kings fans

10:30 – Big picture thoughts on Vivek

15:30 – Michael Malone, his coaching style, experience in Sacramento, and relationship with Boogie

24:00 – George Karl and the contrast between his time in Denver and his time in Sacramento, whether the Kings and Nuggets should've swapped teams, and how he is a polar opposite of George Karl.

31:15 – Greg's preference for the Kings' next coach

37:45 – Cousins, his value as a player, his future in Sacramento, and what it'd take for Kings fans to want to trade him

46:30 – Who will win more games next season – Nuggets or Kings?

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