Ryan Blackburn breaks down the Aaron Gordon trade and all of the Denver Nuggets news from the NBA Trade Deadline with the help of three special guests.

Orlando Magic media member Stephen Cameron of The Close Up Magic stops by to help break down the Aaron Gordon trade from both sides. What will Gordon (and Gary Clark!) bring to the Nuggets? Did the Nuggets give up too much in the deal? Is Gordon the best possible fit next to Denver’s Big Three?

Then, Cleveland Cavaliers media member Justin Rowan of The Chase Down Podcast checks in to give Nuggets fans a scouting report on the JaVale McGee trade. What will McGee add to Denver’s rotation and locker room? They also discuss the Gordon deal and what it means for Denver.

Finally, Jeff Morton of the CSG Podcast stops by for a discussion on Aaron Gordon, JaVale McGee, the Nuggets rotation, and whether the Nuggets are legitimate championship contenders.

Link to the podcast on Spreaker here!