Nate Timmons, Andrew Feinstein and myself worked together for a long time. From the moment I was brought on in 2010 we worked very hard to turn Denver Stiffs into what you see before us now. Adam Mares and the new writers, Kayla, Gordon, Zach, Daniel have really helped take us to the next level and bring what Nate, Andy, Colin Neilson and Mike Olson did some new life. Without a doubt EVERYONE has a made this site the amazing, well oiled machine that it is today.

Nate, Andy and myself still talk alot. Nate and I pretty much talk daily just like we used to … but we don't bother Andy and his fiancee Amy until the wee hours of the night (seriously, sorry about that Amy). This has been replaced with game-texing with Adam, Nate and Harrison Wind from BSN Denver. And the cycle repeats itself.

It's the sweet life.

I was texting wtth Timmons last night as the Denver Nuggets defeated the New Orleans Pelicans, and I felt something that I hadn’t since 2012-13. Enthusiasm. Excitement. Enjoyment. There’s something wonderful about watching a fun team and bantering with good friends. It’s restored my life long love of basketball that[s lain dormant for awhile. It’s made me realize that I love this game.

Be it bantering about how unexpectedly good Kristaps Porzingis has been with the New York Knicks (to the dismay of pick/swap hungry Nuggets fans). The excellence of the Golden State Warriors, and how I still can’t enjoy their run because of the, ummm, “antics” of one Andre Iguodala in the 2013 playoffs. It’s just been enjoyable for this old guy who constantly brings up the 1994 Nuggets and pines away for the good old days. There is a positive sense of NBA community that grows, and I’m actually excited to see what happens.

Danilo Gallinari came really close to a triple double last night. That is something to be proud of. Will Barton and Jameer Nelson came off the bench and provided an amazing spark to the team. Emmanuel Mudiay’s continued development has been a sight to behold. There is so many reasons to be excited about the Nuggets again, and I have to say that It’s even more exciting to be part of that sense of community again.

Let us not forget Ross Martin on the CSG Podcast who is also our colleague. At least, he is one that upsets many of you with his opinions. It’s alright though. the excitement is back whether the Nuggets are wearing fit-bit vests (Catapult Vests) or if head coach Michael Malone works the Nuggets hard. It’s all great to talk about.

More to come folks. Keep talking. Keep that sense of community up. Stiffs is an incredible vehicle for talking about our favorite team or (apparently) cat gifs. Whatever your pleasure! Thanks for sticking with us all these years and hopefully we will be around for many many more. It's the Nuggets Sweet Life and I'm happy to be a part of it.

So Stiffs and Nuggets fans, do you feel the same way? Isn't it nice to talk about something positive for a change?

Now here is some Jeezy.