Nuggets Team Chemistry: I’m not sure that a Nuggets team has ever been as close as this team appears to be; and the 15-man roster has yet to play a single NBA game together! We’ve been seeing pictures like this one, click here, all summer long. Guys hanging out together in Denver (click here), Las Vegas at Summer League, and at other events – like the Nuggets charity drive in honor of Jessica Redfield (click here). You want your team to be full of players that you want to root for and you can root for these players!

Olympic Medalist Nuggets: How about Andre Iguodala helping Team USA earn gold in London and Timofey Mozgov helping Russia take home a bronze medal? Instead of taking the summer off and enjoying the hot spots around the globe, these two guys went back to work playing hoops. And I’m sure they may have enjoyed some time in England or in the Olympic Village too!

Wilson Chandler’s Comeback Bid: After playing in just seven games for the Nuggets, Chandler was forced to sit out from March 30th to April 15th with hip pain. He tried to come back against the Rockets, but only played seven minutes and his season was over. He underwent hip surgery and a long rehabilitation process. The man was bed-bound for a spell and had to ease back into standing, walking, and eventually running. He’s back playing basketball now and is one of the most talked about guys in the league, for his trade value. Hopefully fans will get a chance to see why there is a lot of trade talk with Chandler, because he’s a hell of a player too. Watching this video gets me excited to see him back on the court, where he belongs.

JaVale McGee: A lot of people in Nuggets Nation are hoping this will be McGee’s breakout season and a chance for the big man to prove a lot of doubters wrong. He still has his fair share of critics. But he has put in a lot of work this off-season being in-and-out of Denver (and working with Hakeem Olajuwon in Houston) and traveling to Vegas to sign his contract and workout with fellow teammates. Ty Lawson talked about McGee in a positive light in a Dime Magazine interview and expects big things out of the center. But McGee also needs to have some fun and that’s why I enjoyed this video of him riding his segway around in the Nuggets’ locker room. I still think the Nuggets found something special when they traded for McGee.

George Karl’s Love for Denver: The coach that gets a lot of grief from fans, couldn’t be more connected with our community. Karl lives in Denver, is at the Pepsi Center working with players all summer, and even set up a Reggae in the park night (in Colorado) to benefit cancer research. It’s easy to fall in love with the city of Denver and it’s pretty cool that the coach of the team we all follow values our city so much. It has been fun watching Karl’s videos talking about his favorite players all summer. Sure, they aren’t all Nuggets, but at least he’s giving us some cool insight into his coaching past.

It really feels like the Nuggets are developing something special here in Denver. Things can change in a hurry, as we've witnessed over the past couple years here, but I couldn't be more excited for what is about to unfold for us … training camp starts in 7 days!