During the closing minute of a close game between the Wizards and Nuggets on Monday night, Nikola Jokic was walking back to bench after a timeout when he accidentally and VERY LIGHTLY bumped into Scott Brooks, who happened to be walking right into Jokic’s path at the same time.

No big deal, right?


The way Brooks reacts, you’d think he was getting robbed on the street or something. Not only does he flop over a little baby bump, but HE ACTUALLY WALKED OVER TO THE REF TO WHINE ABOUT IT:

This actually happened. And Nikola Jokic was called for a technical foul. And the Wizards, who held a two point lead at the time, made the free throw and held on to win the game.

There were only 32 seconds left so it might not have changed much, but the Nuggets had a ton of momentum before the call which completely changed the tone of the game. The flop clearly fired up the Wizards, while the rest of the world was left wondering what was even happening.

Afterwards, Brooks told the media that he “didn’t think he (Jokic) did that on purpose.” Meanwhile, Michael Malone was quoted as saying that he thought Brooks “embellished” the bump.

Either way, it was a horrible call and end to a good basketball game.

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