Verizon’s new go90 network has been pumping out a lot of cool content of late, with the well-anticipated Here’s the Rub touching down in Nuggets country this week with an interview with the Denver Nuggets Kenneth Faried, that releases today. 

What’s Here’s the Rub, you ask? Comedian Andrew Santino does a short-format mockumentary-style interview as Russian trainer/talk show host Nikolai Popov. Santino’s take is funny and quick, and he keeps the athletes doing as many double takes as the watcher. The Manimal holds his own in the interview, keeping Santino on his toes as well.

“Popov” and Faried touch on topics diverse and broad in their seven minutes taking on the following rapid-fire:

  • Fashion: Faried’s laid-back style vs. a unique look for Popov.
  • What the Mile High City has over his hometown Newark New Jersey… and what it doesn’t. A fun-and-insightful look into what Faried values in his hometown.
  • Pot culture. Faried is left mostly speechless in the briefest of touches.
  • How Faried feels about being a sixth man. Faried does a nice job of accepting a compliment that he may still not think of as complimentary.
  • The Manimal nickname and it’s longevity.
  • Nudity as a conversation starter. Funniest part of the chat, with a couple of insightful Manimal moments intertwined.
  • Hair as a weapon.
  • Bothering Blake Griffin.
  • Low sack pain. Er, back pain. 

Some very entertaining stuff in the interview. In checking out more of Santino’s show, it looks like he’ll have some funny NBA-related content coming down the pipe. Clips and shows are available on the go90 site for Here’s The Rub, check it out!