Nine weeks remaining
Holy sixty-four days
Repetitive babble
My eyes start to glaze

The season's beginning
Over two months away
And I'm already antsy
To see how we play

Denver Nuggets, remade
We’ll just wait to see how
Mudiay, Gallinari,
and now Papanikolaou

The roster still crowded
Tim Connelly phones
And who will find favor
With coach Michael Malone?

Two drawn out months
Of hypotheses and guesses
Discussions and insights
With no games to bless us

Will Ill Will be special?
How will Nurkic turn out?
Will the Manimal's defense
Be worth talking about?

Foye, Harris, Hickson
Who the hell will be startin'?
Is it Nelson or Arthur?
Could it maybe be Barton?

Bottom line, we're here waiting
For our basketball home
Offseason's so long
Mike wrote another damned poem

(Special "thanks" to InboundingLobPass, who put this season countdown clock in his signature, which I ridiculously check every hour like the sumanumbatching date is going to change. WHEN WILL THE @#$% SEASON START?!?!?)

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