In this episode of the Locked on Nuggets podcast, I am joined by two directors for 4th Family, a non-profit organization that hosts teen/community events, mentor programs, personal development programs, educational programming, wellness & health programs, annual sport leagues & tournaments, as well as educational trips.

John Scott is the co-founder of 4th Family and co-owner of Gifted Athletes LLC. John Drazan the STEM director for 4th Family and lecturer at RPI. He also recently earned his PhD in biomedical engineering and also won the SLOAN Sports and Analytics research paper competition.

Last week, in a camp in Albany, NY, Drazan and Scott worked alongside Emmanuel Mudiay in a unique basketball skill camp that instructed students on basketball drills and skill development as well as basic math and science concepts in the form of basketball analytics. You can read more about the camp on

In this episode, the two share their journey and vision with 4th Family and what it was like to work with Mudiay on such a unique project. I am a huge fan of their work and enjoyed hearing about their vision up to this point. Give it a listen and if you’re interested, follow their work and their programs on social media and find out how you can get involved.

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