The Hardwood Paroxysm NBA season preview is out and it features articles from Denver Stiffs writers, Adam Mares (myself) and Daniel Lewis. The preview is the inaugural edition of a quarterly e-magazine that the talented staff at the Hardwood Paroxysm Network of NBA blogs will be putting together throughout the season. The network includes, analytics based, the very fun, and college and D-league scouting site

This content is no longer available.

This issue is 287 pages of interesting longform articles, team previews, player profiles, advanced stats, round table discussions, and incredible artwork. Adam and Daniel provide a large portion of the Denver Nuggets preview as well as contributions around the league. Adam also wrote a longform article speculating about what the league will look like in 2035.

Hardwood Paroxysm was created in 2007 by Matt Moore, friend of the Denver Stiffs and writer for Over the years, HP has been the launchpad for several great writers including Andrew Lynch, Sean Highkin, James Herbert, Zach Harper, Trey Kerby, Tom Haberstroh, and many more. The team's goal is that this issue and every issue that follows will provide some of the best NBA content on the web while also acting as a sort of collectors item with great writing and artwork that you can revisit for years to come.
You can purchase the issue for $4.99 on the Hardwood Paroxysm website.