So yeah, that long … dreary, horrible, soul-sucking time of year is upon us. You know what it is, the dreaded offseason where there’s no draft, free agency and Summer League and ESPN is filled with pre-taped videos of Men and Women’s hatchet throwing? Yes, Denver Nuggets off season is now here. What to do?

If you live in Denver, you can watch the Colorado Rockies. Now, I enjoy the Rockies and have been watching them since their inception in 1993 (I'm not going to speak to the quality of the current product as I'm told by many who are much smarter than me to trust the process). So you could watch them. OR you could switch on the news and be bombarded by a ton of Denver Broncos related news … up to and including the consistency of John Elway's bowel movements and how the light around Dove Valley seems independent of the sun … or something equally myopic.

Here is my favorite Rockies player Andres Galarraga (El Gato Grande)

Here is some random Broncos highlight (Louis Wright blocks two consecutive field goals in overtime and returns the last attempt for a touchdown for victory)

Lets face it, for Nuggets fans we are now in the slow slog to the end of September when the Nuggets have Media Day. The “news” that we have to look forward to is any potential Ty Lawson trade and seeing if the Nuggets sign Danilo Gallinari to an extension. Maybe just work on your Emmanuel Mudiay dreams and begin making fan-based lineup adjustments that are all but guaranteed to be wrong come the beginning of the regular season.

So how will you choose to spend your offseason? Tell us below in the comments!

I will be listening to tons of music and trying to come up with new column ideas!