Remember way back to last season when the Nuggets were fun? When Jokic ball had the offense humming and Malone had his guys buying into a defense-first approach that nearly ended with the Nuggets getting the one seed in the West?

I know. It feels like a different lifetime. Why is that?

In Episode 4 of The Dig’s second season, co-hosts Jeremy Poley and Nick Hertzog propose a reset on this season, both for certain players and for the media and fans who might be needing it just as much. We do an extended “Fill in the Blank” segment before ending with a brand new segment where we get a bit more mileage out of the Spike Eskin controversy (but probably not in the way you think).

If you haven’t checked out The Dig yet, give it a listen. If nothing else, you’ll get to hear some great music by a talented local artist, Midi Mansion.

The Dig is a Denver Nuggets podcast by Nick Hertzog and Jeremy Poley that tries to put its fingers on the pulse of the most dominant Denver Nuggets narrative every week. After getting out of jail, Nick and Jeremy decided to do something more productive with their lives, so they started a podcast because they had literally no other talents. The Dig is the end result.

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