It’s the Big Trade Show on this episode of “The Dig”. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have Ryan Blackburn special guest on this full episode of talking Nuggets trades.

The Anthony Davis trade just has to be talked about, folks.

  • Can the Nuggets survive Anthony Davis walking away from them in two years?
  • How legitimate are Davis’ claims that all he wants is to be a part of a contender?
  • Does adding Jrue Holiday to the deal change things?

But let’s get real: there’s other big impact players available. There’s other low-impact players that could fill a void without shaking up what the Nuggets already have.

  • Is Otto Porter worth his contract on the Nuggets?
  • Who is the most likely Nugget to get dealt?
  • Which low-tier SF on another roster has the most to offer to a playoff-bound Nuggets team?