We’re halfway through the season and the Nuggets are in the middle of the second most successful season in franchise history.

INTRODUCTION: How to handle the defeat to the Golden State Warriors. Also, how not to handle the victory by Warriors fans on social media.

MAKING THE GRADE: Halfway through the season, how would you grade…

_____  Nikola Jokic

_____  Jamal Murray

_____  Michael Malone

_____  Paul Millsap

_____  The Defense

_____ Young player development

_____  The Bench

_____  Nuggets Crowds


Malik Beasley has a 20 points-per-game ceiling in his career.

1.5 Nuggets averaging over 20 points-per-game by the end of this season.

2.5 Nuggets drafted in ‘16 still being on the roster when next season starts.

55 wins this season for the Nuggets.

1 minute played for Michael Porter Jr. this season (and the interesting news Adam broke to us from practice, reported on by Nick Kosmider of The Athletic.)

“There are days he’s able to go through parts of practice…” – Michael Malone on how MPJ is looking.