So the Nuggets have a player named Michael Porter Jr. You may or may not have heard of him. He played basketball well last night against the Indiana Pacers, so the hosts decided it was high time someone finally pay this rookie some attention.

In Episode 10 of The Dig, Nick Hertzog and Jeremy Poley discuss MPJ’s minutes moving forward, what his emergence means for the front office, and whether he or Jamal Murray will average 20 PPG first. We end with a rumor about the The Rise of Skywalker and the growing divide between critics and general audiences.

The Dig is a Michael Porter Jr. podcast by Nick Hertzog and Jeremy Poley that tries to put its fingers on the pulse of the most dominant MPJ narrative every week. The show is currently trying to get our lord and savior to do an interview, but he has been ignoring our emails, phone calls, text messages, DMs, Morse codes, subliminal messaging, and billboards. If you know or see MPJ, DM us immediately.

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