In our debut episode of “The Dig” podcast we break open the narrative of the Nugget’s “taking a leap” this season.

We’ll look at where the Denver Nuggets have come from, digest quotes from within the organization on their own expectations, and project what the first three games of the season mean for the season’s entire outlook.

“Here’s— I hate to say this. It’s not that I hate the Lakers. It’s that I hate Lakers fans…”

We’re joined later by Ladd of Sephora to dissect the Western conference and where the Nuggets fit within it. And Jeremy turns Nick into a guest on his own show as he interviews him about having had the same surgery that Michael Porter Jr. did and what we can expect from MPJ this season.

If there’s only one thing worth taking away from this episode, it’s Ladd’s rant on Lakers fans.

The Dig is a bi-weekly show, hosted by Nick Hertzog and co-hosted by Jeremy Poley, that attempts to pull a new single narrative from the Denver Nuggets’ season to explore in each episode.

They’ll be joined by special guests along the way to help expand our idea of that narrative. One week it may be a doctor to explore a narrative of “injuries”, the next week it may be a writer to explore the narrative of “narratives”. Another week it might even be Nick’s grandmother to explore the narrative of “kicking butt and taking names”.


1:00 – Explaining what our show offers to Nuggets Fans

2:50 – This week’s narrative: Leap Year

5:00 – Breaking down the Nuggets’ first three games

26:40 – Predictions: Western Conference preview (w/ special guest Ladd)

42:40 – Ladd’s rant on Laker’s fans

1:01:10 – What to expect of Michael Porter Jr. and Nick’s experience with the same surgery

1:13:50 – A Denver Nuggets Haiku by Nick Hertzog

1:14:10 – What’s the Nuggets’ biggest hurdle to making the playoffs and conclusion