So the Denver Nuggets lost a basketball game to the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday, December 4th. The game was a microcosm of some confusing trends that have developed for the Nuggets during the first quarter of the season, specifically issues relating to their superstar, their bench, their ability to create FTAs, and so many more oddities.

As a follow-up to Nick’s Nuggets this week, the hosts of The Dig discuss some of the Nugget’s more head-scratching offensive problems. Also discussed: urban coyotes, 16-year “hoochananny,” and sociopath GMs.

The Dig is a Denver Nuggets podcast by Nick Hertzog and Jeremy Poley that tries to put its fingers on the pulse of the most dominant Denver Nuggets narrative every week. Now that the Nuggets have lost to the Lakers, it’s likely this show will soon be canceled since the Nuggets are no longer relevant. In the meantime, enjoy!

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